This website presents documentation of Indo-Islamic monuments in the modern Indian states of Haryana and Punjab. These documents can help to illuminate a past that is not especially well known to the present inhabitants or to others in present-day India since much of the populations that now exist in the region differ from those before Independence (as many former inhabitants moved to Pakistan. Looking at the past, which is what documentation efforts do, highlights the complex nature of previous times, even if the evidence is only partially preserved, Thus these documents:

— recreate a sense of an area that was shattered by Partition. They underscore how in some ways this area should be understood as part of a region now shared with another nation (i.e. Pakistan).

allow consideration of connections among the various present communities (both to each other as well as to the times before which some of them were there).

encourage others to engage with the past, to create further uses for this knowledge as well as to develop further knowledge.